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    Would you find an automatic Bluetooth volume regulator useful?

    Let’s say you are listening to some music on your phone and you want to reproduce the audio on your computer or stereo.
    Wouldn’t you like the computers volume to automatically adjust to your phones volume?
    To maintain a volume no matter in which device you are on.

    I don’t know if it all ready exist, but if it does Write me in the comments how is it called.

    If it doesn’t, would find it useful?

    Yes: why?
    No: why?
    07-19-2020 08:27 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    Unfortunately I don't see this as a possibility even in concept.

    Let's say you're listening to a POD cast and have the volume set at 75% of the device volume. Let's say this equates to 60 dBs. When you switch to your car stereo the last thing you were listening to was music on the highway. The radio setting was 57% of the car audio level, which equates to 80 dBs.

    How would an app evaluate the two of these settings and decide how to compensate to continue?

    Is 60 dBs loud enough for the POD cast in the car or does it need to be louder?

    What if the they were headphones instead of a car, is 60 dBs right next to your ear now much too loud?

    Even if an app were able to sample the dBs in the environment in order to compensate how would it know if it got it right for listener? Then this kind of goes out the window again if you go back to headphones. If the app received no feedback, in the case of a user wearing the headphones, would it assume the volume too low and blast the audio or assume headphones, in which case it would be unable to make an adjustment.

    Let's base this exclusively on BT devices that can be named and assume a set audio level can be set for named item at a certain level. Normally the user listens to POD casts on device XYZ and would prefer to start audio to XYZ at 55%, but today the user is listening to music that was recorded at an elevated level so starting audio to XYZ at 55% would be ear shattering.

    There's just too many IFs ANDs and ORs for this truly be feasible. I believe this is probably why MFGs have defaulted on the side of ear safety and opted to reduce audio levels whenever a device is connected to external speaker source.

    Best wishes though. I mean they said the self driving car would never work. I mean it hasn't fully worked yet but maybe one day.
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    07-20-2020 10:22 PM
  3. ElFrancis99's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply!!
    07-21-2020 05:27 PM

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