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    I have had a moto g6 for several years and I have ran MS teams on it for 5 months.
    Recently, in trying to help a friend i logged out of the application.
    I can not log back in to a certain site.
    It works for other locations i connect using MS teams.
    Clearly this points to the site configuration, but there are other android users still connecting quite fine.
    The support team (I'll use that term loosely) gave me 2 comodo certs to install and I still have the same results.
    here is the support teams verbiage:

    I have went as far as a factory reset (ugh) and install re-installation of the certs

    So my first question is:
    What else can i do to try and reconnect (again.. I had been logged in for 4-5 months)

    Secondly: Is there a version of OS/phone brand that is better suported/suited for MS teams? ( i have been running version 9

    I really don't want to spend money on something that was working.. but I may have no choice if I can't find an answer

    Kindest regards

    (Tech supports words are below)

    "This issue only impacts certain versions of the Android OS. The certificates on the ADFS server are fine but for some reason certain versions of Android don't recognize them. There is nothing on the O365 side we can do to remedy the situation. We have found a workaround that has been successful for other Android users. The workaround is to install the root and intermediate Comodo certs on the impacted phones. Please keep in mind this is only a suggested workaround and installing the certificates is done at your own risk. We cannot support personal devices.

    The attached certs will need to be renamed to .cer and transferred to the Android devices having the issue. It's my understanding that different devices have different locations for installation so a google search for the particular device will probably be needed.
    08-11-2020 09:23 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    Thanks for taking the time to register an account and welcome to Android Central. There's a good chance your post did not receive any replies due to members lack of knowledge about MS Teams. I, myself, don't know anything about this however, and I hate to say this, it sounds like an issue between you and the development team for MS Teams. If as the rep. suggested the issue is one of compatibility there's a good chance that everything was fine until you logged out only to affect your log in. This is something I've seen several times, often after an update of either the device or an app where users were OK as long as the connections were kept. Then once the connection is broken it becomes impossible to reestablish.

    Since this is a connection issue to MS Teams I fear there isn't anything we can offer and recommend continuing to work with support and the developers to resolve the issue.

    Best wishes.
    08-14-2020 03:04 AM

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