1. newtda513's Avatar
    I originally bought a anker power bank which good for a couple charges on a couple phones.

    I am looking at getting a better one. Have a pixel 4 and my wife has s9. I would using it for about a week while camping. What some brand names that fit my needs?
    08-16-2020 02:26 PM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    If you're planning to camp for that long, all of my friends who camp usually use solar powered chargers. There's direct to phone chargers but they used ones with batteries. Leave them out all day and by evening they would be able to charge overnight. Walmart has a 2,000,000 mAh solar charger that is waterproof made for the outdoors and camping for under $40. I would imagine that could charge a device two or three, maybe even four, times before needing to charge itself.
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    08-18-2020 01:29 AM

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