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    Hi there, I just bought a Google Chromecast dongle. I am using it to connect my tablet device with my old, Lenovo ThinkVision VGA monitor by mirroring.
    Everything seems to work except for a little message coming from the monitor itself, it’s slowly moving around the screen, and it says
    “Input Signal Out of Range Please Change to 1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz”
    I think it’s a message from the monitor, however I have no idea what it means and what to do about getting rid of it! The monitors set up buttons will not work when Chromecast is connected, for some reason! However once I plug my ordinary laptop back into the monitor again the buttons work no problem!
    This little message is very annoying and I can’t get it off the screen.
    If anybody knows a way to get rid of this I would be very much thankful.
    Also on the monitor I have no sound. I expected this, but I would like to ask, does anybody know a workaround, a way of splitting the video and audio with the audio remaining on my tablet device which I’m using to Chromecast with my monitor?
    Kind regards Gin
    08-17-2020 03:22 PM
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    So.. the monitor has a VGA input but no HDMI? You're using an adapter to connect the Chromecast? I don't think that will work. That message is definitely from the monitor, it's telling you that the input signal is at the wrong resolution or in the wrong format for what the monitor is expecting.

    As for the audio, does the Chromecast have a headphone jack? That would be used for audio output.

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    08-17-2020 03:27 PM

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