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    Hey guys an girls...seeking advice on a work around, or at least being able to pin point problem that causes an app to have limited function on android.
    The app works completely fine on Apple, iOS... but on android,
    It is missing displayed database info.... I'm assuming at present that the app itself is fine, and it's a problem on android end.
    I'm using a Samsung j5...with android 9...

    The app overly works fine, updates most live info, but generates nothing from live bookings, which it should do..
    The app accesses a national database, that advises on 3 criteria, 2 of which work, and 1 of which doesn't on android app, but does on Apple app.
    I'm being vague on the app, ideally trying to resolve without getting into the actual application... again I'm assuming for the time being that it's a setting or file or some thing that is interfering with the android app completely working
    08-20-2020 12:27 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! It's not unusual for an app to have more or different functionality on iOS vs Android. It may be dependent on the specific differences between iPhone and Android hardware, or it may have to do with the developer and what they decided to include in the Android version. Your best bet is to contact the developer and ask them.

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    08-20-2020 12:30 AM

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