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    Krapya meri help kare usme meri jaruri cheje thi
    08-23-2020 04:09 AM
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    android kendreey mein aapaka svaagat hai. is thred ka javaab dene aur notiphikeshan praapt karane ke lie jab any log tippanee chhodate hain to krpaya ek khaata panjeekrt karen. yah link aapako aisa karane mein madad karega.

    aapake paas kya divais hai?

    jab aap paasavard darj karate hain to kya hota hai?

    kya aapane divais ko surak**** mod mein shuroo karane aur analok karane kee koshish kee hai? aamataur par surak**** mod ko paavar batan dabaakar tab tak ekses kiya jaata hai jab tak ki ristaart ka vikalp dikhaee nahin deta hai, tab tak reestaart rakhen jab tak ki seph mod mein staart karane ka vikalp na dikhaee de. yadi yah aapake lie vishisht nirdeshon ke lie aapake divais ko khojane ke lie kaam nahin karata hai.

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    What device do you have?

    When you enter the password what happens?

    Have you tried startng the device in safe mode and trying to unlock? Typically safe mode is accessed by holding the power button until the option to restart appears, then hold restart until the option to start in safe mode appears. If this does not work for you search for your device for specific directions.

    Let us know what you find.

    The language detected is Hindi.
    08-23-2020 06:46 AM

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