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    Can anyone tell if there is a link between Qualcomm's processors for mobiles and for bluetooth headsets? Like, is there any benefits of having a Snapdragon mobile processor and buying a headset with Snapdragon chipset? Will a headset with Snapdragon work better on an Android phone rather than an iPhone?
    08-31-2020 07:29 AM
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    I cannot definitively answer your question but processors just process and they don't have a language of their own or anything. It's all about the programming and when it comes to headsets they mostly made universal these days due to the large number of different devices. You may find some advantages from devices made by the same manufacturer but I would imagine most of those would be features vs connection. For example Galaxy buds have an app and more features on some Samsung devices but in general the connection, sound quality, transmission lag and so forth would be governed by the transmitter, antenna and frequencies available to the two devices but not by the processor.

    Perhaps someone will have a different take on this but no, I wouldn't imagine just sharing a processor set would be the key advantage.
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    09-05-2020 11:53 PM

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