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    If you if anybody knows what Yes I recently bought a RCA Voyager 3 7-in tablet from a known and local reputable resale shop I had the serial number and something called a d i s a however once I charged it and turned it on it doesn't go to a setup screen it goes to an activation screen and I'm supposed to enter in some number or something well I've entered in everything that I have and it doesn't say anything there's a phone number to call but when you call the number it hooks you up to a phone chat line there's a website to go to but when you type the website in you go to a same thing that the websites for sale I've tried to contact RCA but they're basically defunct and sold out that division to AudioBox I call audiovox and they say that they don't have any information on the old product so what do I do supposed to do or how I'm supposed to do it it'd be greatly appreciated if somebody could point me in the right direction
    09-07-2020 01:48 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Is it a screen to activate the device on a carrier's network (which would require the tablet to have a SIM slot)? Or is it a screen asking for a PIN? If it's asking for a lockscreen PIN, then it's most likely that the previous owner of the tablet never properly removed their Google account prior to the factory reset, which is considered an unauthorized reset. You would need to contact the previous owner for the PIN. We don't allow discussions on how to bypass security measures.

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    09-07-2020 01:54 AM

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