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    This is on a LG Aristo 4 + model LM-X320MA phone, Android version 9.

    When I make a call or a call comes comes in. I hear the ppl talking just fine. But sometimes they have a hard time hearing me or they don't hear me period. It doesn't mater if I am using the internal mic or a plug in headset with boom mic. Now sometimes if I take the phone and wack it hard on the desk. The internal mic or on the headset, ppl will now hear me crystal clear. From my knowledge of fixing 2 way radios, tv's and early vcr's. This sounds like a bad wire or a bad solder joint. I also assuming that this is something beyond my scope to be able to fix. BTW the internet and texting are not affected by this problem, they still work 100%.
    09-26-2020 04:47 PM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    I have to say that being of a certain age, whacking stuff to get it to work brings back some fond memories. LOL. In the meantime whacking your phone is a first for me. It's odd that this would also affect headphones. Typically if a device has a bad mic there are ways to test and assess. I don't know if your LG has multiple mics, I was able to see a mic hole at the bottom but not sure if there's another on the back or top of the phone.

    I feel this is a physical issue like a blockage rather than something broken or damaged inside of the device. This is why, I don't believe that you are broadcasting through your headphone mic. I believe you are broadcasting through your device's mic and hearing through your headphones. Not all devices broadcast through mic'd headphones and not all headphones are compatible with mobile devices. You can also check to see if your device has a setting for wired or wireless headphones and how to handle audio. But this is the only way I can justify your claim that the same fix fixes both issues and it explains the symptoms of the problem and why your fix works. There is something in your mic hole.

    Your mic works, even when they can't hear you very well they can still hear you. This proves that the mic is working. If there were a broken solder joint or partially unplugged cable in the device they wouldn't hear anything and it may fade in and out but at some point there would be nothing. Even if the connection was slight it would go from zero to 100 not 50, 60, 100, 20... Maybe if it were a big wire with 100 strands and 40 of them were broken and of those 40 15 or so would occasionally make contact, Ok maybe some reduction and not total loss. The electronics in the device are too small for that, so zero or 100.

    When you bang the phone on something you are moving the blockage out of the way of the mic hole and everything works. Then over time or as the phone shifts the debris falls back into the way and muffles the sound.

    I believe if you check the small hole at the bottom of the device you'll find something rattling around in there. To test this make a call or video and rotate the phone end over end and see when the sound is muffled and when it returns. I'm not going to lie getting anything out of that hole is not going to be easy. It will also depend on what it is. If it's pocket lint, fuzz of some kind, I don't hold a lot of hope because it probably expanded once it entered. You could try compressed air but that's blowing into the small hole not leaving much of an escape route. You could try to probe it but then there's risk of making contact with the mic face which could damage it. I would probably try to blow it out or even sucking it out. As a last resort perhaps you could find a very thin wired wire tie, like something that came on a loaf of bread, smaller and thinner if you can find it, make a hook and with the hole facing down try to fish it out. Making the hook shape will give you a blunt end towards the mic so if you should happen to touch the mic it would be with a blunted end rather than a pointy spike.
    09-29-2020 10:09 PM
  3. reble's Avatar
    I was over due for a phone upgrade anyways, so I now have a LG Aristo 5. Android version 10.
    10-04-2020 03:18 AM

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