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    I have a WiFi router as an access point in a network. I would like my phone, when joined to the network, to be the default gateway. However, it seems the phone only allows it to share network via USB to a single device, or as an AP.

    Any recommendations to share data with a network?

    My ideas:
    1) USB tethering with a computer on the network that is configured as the default gateway
    2) USB OTG to ethernet adapter to WiFi router's internet port
    10-02-2020 04:44 PM
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    Using the phone as the gateway is an interesting solution.
    What is the problem you are trying to solve? Why do you want to do this?
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    10-02-2020 06:37 PM
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    I'll leave a Link to register so you can communicate here as a guest account you can only post questions but can't reply

    10-02-2020 07:07 PM
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    To use a device as the gateway for a router, the device has to be connected to the router's WAN jack, not the LAN jack (and not via WiFi). In order to use a device connected via WiFi as the gateway, you'll need router firmware that can handle that - Tomato or DD-WRT may - may - be able to handle that. (Check on their forums.)
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    10-03-2020 01:33 PM
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    Hi- it's the OP. The reason for using a seapate AP is that some smart devices should be able to communicate each other even without the phone being around. Internet access is not required for these devices to work.

    I ended up solving it with a Raspberry Pi 4 configured as a router with USB connection to my phone.

    Yes, I understand it needed to be on the WAN jack, but my phone does not communicate over ethernet. It's USB.
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    12-26-2020 09:57 PM
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    Thanks for registering and giving us an update! Glad you figured out a solution.
    12-27-2020 03:01 AM

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