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    My phone got wet and wont turn on. While I wait for my new phone to arrive (which I plan to restore backed up messages on from the cloud), what happens to any texts or missed calls in the "air" that I'm not able to receive?
    10-13-2020 12:05 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Probably best to ask your carrier that question. In my experience, all unread messages should show up when you insert your SIM into the new phone.

    Some carriers also have an option to send copies of your text messages to your email, so see if that's an option while you wait for the new phone.

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    10-13-2020 02:52 PM
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    The generic answers:

    Calls will go to voicemail. The voicemail messages will be kept on your carrier's server for n days. N varies with the carriers, common is 30 days.

    SMS messages will remain on your carrier's server in an undelivered state for m days before they are discarded. M varies with the carriers, tends to be a low number.

    Contact your carrier for the details of their system and your plan.
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    10-16-2020 05:48 AM

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