1. gorimapa's Avatar
    I need some help getting my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime plus phone to recognize my micro SD Card.
    When I Insert the card in to the phone, it is not detected. The SD card slot is the slot on top of the first SIM card slot. My phone has a dual SIM slot.
    I've checked it out on a computer, and the computer recognized and detected it.
    Added to that, I connected it to my phone putting it in to a card reader, and then connecting it to the phone with a USB OTG cable. It was detected by the phone. Unfortunately, it cannot be used that way. When I put it back in to the phone it wasn't detected.
    Please does any one understand this problem?
    How can I fix the problem.
    I've completely run out of storage space on my phone. I cannot install any new app or update existing ones. I cannot delete any app because I need them all.
    Hope to get some help.
    10-19-2020 11:23 PM
  2. Scienceguy Labs's Avatar
    You might want to try using your pc to format that card. Also, have you tried another card in your phone?
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    10-19-2020 11:35 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    If the phone can't recognize a different SD card, then try cleaning out the SD slot by blowing it out with a can of compressed air.
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    10-20-2020 12:24 AM
  4. J Dubbs's Avatar
    Also clean the gold contacts on the micro sd card with a q-tip moistened with alcohol. That also works with sim cards that have been transferred to multiple phones.
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    10-20-2020 06:42 AM

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