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    I got the boost mobile family plan with 4 phones a few months ago and recently discovered that mine doesn't even have the option to turn on the read receipts and I can't see when people are typing or anything like the other 3 phones even though they are all the same.. I've searched all over the internet trying to figure it out and can't find anything smh like I know how to go to messages and settings etc but when I get there, the option isn't even available and the other phones seem to have multiple other features that I don't. I've also updated everything, it has android 10 etc etc...
    10-22-2020 08:19 PM
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    Are all of the devices using the same messaging app?

    What app are you using?

    This link describes getting RCS through Samsung's stock SMS app...

    This describes getting it on any Android using Google Messages...

    By default though I think if you use Google Messages it can now simply be enabled, but we'll need some information from you to go farther.
    10-22-2020 08:30 PM

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