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    a month or so ago, I changed it to grayscale under the accessibility settings as recommended to make using the phone less addictive but I hated it so I changed it back. Ever since then it randomly a few times a week turns back to grayscale, usually after I've had it sitting in my purse or pocket, so some quick button must be getting pressed to turn it to grayscale, but I don't know which one(s) or why that only happened after I changed it to grayscale the 1st time.
    I am able to go back into accessibility settings and change it back to full color, but I'm tired of having it automatically switch (or get triggered) and having to correct it.
    1. Any clue what shortcut buttons may be getting pushed to turn it on?
    2. Any way to prevent it from automatically switching to grayscale?
    11-05-2020 01:18 AM
  2. Raniyah1994's Avatar
    Try booting your device into safe mode to see if a feature/app that interferes with that grayscale setting
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    11-05-2020 03:53 AM
  3. mustang7757's Avatar
    Which phone ?
    If Samsung try settings >general management >reset>reset accessibility

    I'll leave a Link to register so you can communicate here as a guest account you can only post questions but can't reply

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    11-05-2020 09:08 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! It might be Google's Digital Wellbeing (the Bedtime Mode feature). Check to make sure it's not set to turn on based on a schedule.
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    11-05-2020 09:21 AM

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