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    The specs for my Lenovo M8 FHD tablet say "Micro-USB 2.0" and "MicroSD card tray".

    If I buy a sim card, will I be able to make and receive phone calls. I know I can call on Skype and Google Hangouts without the sim card, but I would like the tablet to serve as a cellphone. That is I'd like to have a phone number that I can give to banks, etc.

    I don't have Google Voice since you need another phone number to get a Google Voice account. I don't have a cellphone or landline, etc.
    11-17-2020 10:46 PM
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    'Welcome to Android Central! No, that tablet doesn't have a SIM tray, and even if it did, SIM cards on tablets are only for mobile data, not cellphone calls. You could use a VoIP service for calls, but that wouldn't work for SMS since it's not an actual cellphone.

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    11-18-2020 12:38 AM

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