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    The problem occurs when I drive my motorbike and simultaneously listen to music via wired / wireless headphones.
    It happens especially when I accelerate my bike on the highway and not when I drive in low speed limit roads.
    I am writing all the above just to clarify that it is not an application problem (I have tried numerous music/radio applications and it happens with any of them)
    I think it has something to do with the phones sensors.
    Phone specs:
    Xiaomi mi 9t
    Android version 10
    MIUI version 12
    11-29-2020 03:59 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central.

    Is the phone plugged into the bike? On my bike I have a 12 volt power socket where I can charge my device while riding, do you have anything like this?

    Is your bike excessively loud?

    I can think of no reason why execration would affect your device's volume. The only two things I can think of that might have an effect like this would be if the device was plugged in to a charger and something with the higher RPMs would affect the voltage output and some how that was having an affect. Or the vibration of the bike is causing it again somehow. I have a tank bag that is see through so I can have the phone laying on the tank in a way that allows me to use navigation so my phone is in direct contact with the bike and vibrating along with it.

    My only suggestions would be to try without charging, if you are. Try with the device in your pocket and not in direct contact with the bike, if it is.

    I brought up the excessively loud point because our ears become accustom to sound levels. So what is loud at low speeds is barely audible at higher speeds when engine noise increases. This tempering, if you will, lasts for extended periods of time. I experience this on my drive home. With the window cracked the ambient sound created on the highway from the wind whipping past my window and traffic causes me to increase the volume on my radio. Even when I arrive in town on the other side the volume remains high but I hardly notice the difference until I go to the car the next day and find it blaringly loud from the previous day. This would be easy to verify by knowing the volume level when you begin your ride and looking at it again at the end of the ride. You device my not show a percentage but you should be able to do something like take a screenshot of before and after and compare the two.

    It would actually be counter intuitive for the volume to decrease with an increase in ambient sound. Where as I can see no reason that speed and/or acceleration would affect volume.

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    11-29-2020 04:34 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Do these headphones have active noise cancellation?
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    11-29-2020 01:13 PM
  4. Fedon Mor's Avatar
    Thank you all for your immediate replies!

    The headphones don't have any active noise cancelation or any other "special" properties whatsoever.
    They are common wired in ear headphones.

    Also I am not charging my phone while I drive my bike or anything like this.

    The phone is in my jacket, connected to the headphones and that's all.

    The volume keeps lowering down when I drive my motorbike, especially when I accelerate for a longer time (I understand that it is super weird that the bike's acceleration has anything to do with the audio levels but that is exactly what I have noticed😅)

    Imagine that I am using the phone's side buttons, in order to turn up the volume again (while I am driving) and the minute I will start accelerating, the volume turns down automatically.

    If I had to describe the audio levels difference, is that I am turning the audio level all the way up and the phone automatically turn it down by 70%
    11-30-2020 02:18 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Strange -- are you certain it isn't just a phenomenon where your ear adjusts to the loud sound of the bike engine revving, giving you the illusion that the music volume is going down temporarily?
    11-30-2020 02:30 PM
  6. Fedon Mor's Avatar
    Hahaha, no trust me when I say that the audio level is actually turning down.
    I even reach the side buttons of my phone, while I am riding my motorbike and turn the audio up again.
    But after a minute or less, it automatically turns down again (about 70%,as I said before)
    I think it has something to do with the motion sensors of the phone but I don't think I can deactivate those, via the phone's settings...
    12-01-2020 09:08 AM
  7. Fedon Mor's Avatar
    I had numerous Android phones in the past and I never had this kind of problem.
    So it not a matter of my "audio perception" while I am driving.
    12-01-2020 09:13 AM
  8. VidJunky's Avatar
    If it's going down to exactly 70% each time it sounds like an issue with automatic volume adjust. Let me ask you this, if you turn the volume up to 100 and plug the headphones in, do they automatically turn down to 70%? This is a common feature to percent excessive sounds levels when switching to wired devices, in case they be headphones, to prevent hearing damage.

    In your phone settings check for headphone settings and see if you have an option to bypass this. It may reset after restarts so you may have to do it any time you restart your device.

    My guess would be that something about the vibration causes your device to think the headphones are being plugged and unplugged. It might only be momentary and unregisterable by you due to the noise and your focus or you notice and ignore it because the music isn't cutting out completely. Just a thought.
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    12-01-2020 10:43 AM
  9. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Shot in the dark, but can you make sure your region is set to US? https://miui.blog/any-devices/switch...0tap%20on%20it. I saw some threads mentioning that headphone volume can be lower in some regions.
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    12-01-2020 12:52 PM

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