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    I was looking through my gallery and found a random photo of a TV set that I didn't recognise, with Bill Murray on the screen! I looked at the details it said it was download from Facebook, I've never seen the photo before and I'm really baffled as to how it got there.
    12-02-2020 01:07 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Keep in mind that the Gallery app will show any image in your phone's storage, as long as the directory the image is in doesn't have a .nomedia file in it (which instructs the system to ignore that directory when scanning for images to include in the database). Many app developers don't do a good job of including a .nomedia file in the image download directory their apps create, and so those images will show up in your Gallery app. Most of the time, these images are cached images or ad images.

    You can always look at the file details of that image to see which directory it's in, and then go to that directory and delete the files. You could also use a file manager app to create your own .nomedia file for that directory -- just create a blank file with that name (including the leading period).

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    12-02-2020 02:43 PM

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