1. tupazmark's Avatar
    I have a group chat with my family and my account for some reason keeps on leaving and this happens randomly.

    I've joined two accounts from two different devices and they randomly leave our group chat. I can't figure out why this is happening.

    Devices are:
    Vivo Y15
    Oppo R7 Lite
    12-21-2020 12:21 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    Do they both get removed at the same time?

    No one else in the chat is complaining of this?

    Could someone be removing you from the chat?

    It would be odd if it were just you and your accounts. It would be even more odd if it were both at once each time. This leads me to the feeling it's shenanigans among the group.

    Not being a WhatsApp user I don't know much about how the app works. So,

    Are all of your comments removed when this happens?

    From what I heard of WhatsApp you can post just about anything in private conversations but could you be posting something that another user is flagging that is getting you removed? Inappropriate content?

    How do you know you've been removed? I mean does the whole group disappear from your log? I can't imagine the conversation remaining in your log but you are just not part of it, but with Messenger the conversation remains but when you try to reply it says you cannot so is WhatsApp similar?

    How are you getting back into the conversation?
    12-21-2020 07:22 PM
  3. tupazmark's Avatar
    The WhatsApp is just like messenger in Facebook. When I leave our Group chat I would still see the chat log in the list of chats I have, but there would be times when the Chat log would disappear all together.

    Based on the Chat log it would say that I left the chat so my group knows I am not being removed by other group members, instead it appears I am the one who initiates the "action" of leaving. I don't know why this is happening.

    Back story: This was also happening when we were using Messenger in Facebook. I would leave our group chat or the group chat would just suddenly disappear from the list of chats I have, like the history of the chat disappearing. This is really weird.
    12-22-2020 06:21 PM
  4. VidJunky's Avatar
    It is odd that it says you're leaving or left the chat. The added detail of this same thing happening using Messenger is interesting as well... What's also interesting is that the chat thread disappears.

    Googling this turns up that inactivity will cause you to be signed out of groups. It takes like 120 days though. You aren't going that long between chats are you?

    Switching devices can affect this as well, but I assume that is why you have two dedicated devices, one for each account but are you ever signing in somewhere else?

    You didn't say if it's both accounts at the same time?

    Are you doing the "Undelete Groups" option to get the chat log and group back, or how are you getting it back and getting back in when it isn't in your list?

    Is it just this one group? is it always the same group?
    12-22-2020 10:58 PM
  5. tupazmark's Avatar
    The chats disappearing or the account leaving our chat group does not happen simultaneously on both accounts.

    In order for me to get back to the group I would have to text one of the members to invite me back in and for instances where in I didn't leave but the chat history will just go missing I would request that they mention my name so I would get a notification and from the notification open the group chat. Sometimes this mention doesn't work so they would have to kick me out and invite me back to the group.

    This is also happening to other personal chats. Either the chat would also disappear or the person I'm chatting would suddenly gets blocked!

    This is really weird.
    01-02-2021 07:16 AM

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