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    I'm setting up some (6) Samsung Tab S6 Lites for use by a food bank to serve a drive-thru service model, because of COVID. The four tablets will use a web client to create or retrieve "customer" information to ad from a cloud AWS. On completing the customer data, the print button will generate an A7 pdf to the browse as a download opened by RawBT print service, to a receipt printer. So the volunteers can bring the food to the customer vehicles - no contact. The issue is I want the A7 PDF downloads automatically clear once printed, or at least at some period. I expect EACH tablet will download 125 pdf docs in eight hours. Although I hide the notifications, I don't want the possibility of mixing up the food to the customers. Any ideas for download auto-delete?
    01-09-2021 02:41 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I generally avoid these kinds of "cleaner" apps (because they also promote killing apps in the background as a way of "saving RAM" when in fact that doesn't do anything to help in Android), but they might have a way to schedule automatic clearing of the /Download directory (assuming that's where the browser saves its downloads to -- some browsers will save downloads elsewhere). Try Droid Optimizer.

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    01-09-2021 02:58 AM

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