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    I typed my question into the search bar but didn't see anything about this issue, so I'll ask about it.

    Living in the Pocono Mts. of Pennsylvania. I'm trying to use my Acer Spin 713 from my bedroom so as not to disturb anyone. My bedroom is about 24 feet from the router. I'm training for a new job and need to use Zoom for classes but I keep getting the "your internet is unstable" message. The feed freezes and picks back up within 10-15 sec. I have Blue Ridge Internet (Verizon hasn't laid fiber optic cables near here). It's High Speed Internet via cable modem (it's the best offered in these parts.) This includes router lease and Eero extender rental for hub and two extenders (router and hub are on ground floor where I live, one extender in stairwell leading upstairs to my parents' living space, and one extender in their living room for their smart TV). Speed tests show anywhere from 250mbps-350mbps (unlimited plan is for up to 500mbps). Being in a mountainous region, I suspect it's just really hard to guarantee a continuously excellent signal.

    My question is this: How can I boost the signal from the router to the chromebook with my bedroom door closed? I'd rather not add another extender rental fee to the bill (although I'm not even sure that's an option). I can't find any info about wifi extenders/dongles that may be compatible with ChromeOS.

    Any information would be very welcome!

    Thank you,
    01-12-2021 08:55 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! One possibility would be to use a Powerline adapter (which essentially makes your home's electrical sockets into an Ethernet connection): https://www.amazon.com/Powerline-Com...cUvbUpU6908041. But this would require either an Ethernet connection on your Chromebook (like this one) or a separate wi-fi access point connected to that Powerline adapter in your room.

    Wi-fi extenders are often more trouble than they're worth. In my experience, they tend to be kind of wonky. Mesh wi-fi systems work much more smoothly, but they're not cheap, and it sounds like you're stuck with the equipment rental from the provider.
    01-12-2021 12:49 PM