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    My dad and his wife both have a Samsung Galaxy S8. They are in a brand new home. One can send and receive calls no problem. The other intermittently can receive calls inside the house and NEVER can place a call UNLESS they go outside and then everything is fine. I’ve done a factory reset on the bad phone and no help. She had a S9 before and had the same issue. That’s why she switched to the same model as my dad to eliminate the possibility of the model phone being the problem. I’ve turned off Bluetooth and wireless on the bad phone as well. Any ideas??
    01-30-2021 10:08 PM
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    Hi, welcome to AC!

    Both on same carrier?
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    01-30-2021 10:36 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Are they the exact same model number as well, in Settings>About Phone? If they're different, it's possible that the one that's not working as well doesn't support the carrier's network bands as thoroughly as the other one.

    Also, are both phones using wi-fi calling?
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    02-01-2021 12:55 AM
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    If they're identical - same model, same carrier, same setup (WiFi calling, mainly), one could have a defective or partly unplugged antenna.
    02-06-2021 02:19 PM
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    It sounds like she has something installed that is causing issues with the device. If she had the issue before on another phone, now has it on a new phone and a similar device is not having issues, she has installed a bad app and reinstalled it on the new device when she switched everything over. You could help or advise her to put the phone in Safe Mode and try calling then. If the device works in Safe Mode the issue is a bad app. Then it just comes down to finding and changing something, either getting rid of the app or changing a setting.

    On Samsung it should be, hold the power button until the option to Power Off, Restart and Emergency Mode appear. Press and hold Power Off until the option to enter Safe Mode appears and select that.

    There is no danger of loosing anything in safe mode. It will simple stop non essential apps from opening, apps from running in the background and allow simple basic features to work, no animations and stuff like that.

    Once you've figured out if the issue is a bad app then you'll have to figure out which app is bad. We'd kind of need a bit more information to really help with that but in general you might have some luck by doing the following.

    Since the issue is a calling issue, and we'll assume that it is not affecting SMS or other notifications since those weren't mentioned, there's a permission for phone usage which can be taken from all of her apps. You can find it in Settings>Apps>use the 3 dots in the upper corner to select Permission Manager>find Phone in that list>remove permission from all apps in that list. This won't harm or permanently affect anything. The next time that app runs and it needs this permission it will simply ask for it like it was the first time the app ran. After removing Phone Permission from all of the apps requesting it, in regular mode, not safe mode, try making a call. If everything works keep track of which apps request permission and when that way she can figure out who the bad guy is. "I can't make calls today, yesterday Media Master requested phone permission, so Media Master is likely the bad app." Just as an example.

    There's also a chance it's an app like an Antivirus app, Malware app, Data Saver or even a Memory Saver app. These apps advertise helping but often cause issues and are largely un-needed. Disabling anything like that, which isn't running on the other device, might be the silver bullet without going through all of the other stuff.

    Also remember to only download apps from trusted sources like the Play Store, Galaxy Store and Amazon App Store and avoid finding apps online at random web sites.

    Best wishes and let us know the results or if you need more assistance.
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    02-06-2021 07:56 PM

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