1. xmdptx's Avatar
    Lubuntu last version as host. Installed in VirtualBox the last version for Android guest android-x86_64-9.0-r2. In VirtualBox for the Android OS, I think I have tried almost all the possibilities for the Network "Adapter Attached" to NAT with all the "Adapter Type" and also for "Adapter Attached" "Bridged Adapter" and at "Name" choosing the network card for the cable. All the rest of the other OS, Linux distros and Windows installed in VirtualBox can be connected to the internet in Bridged mode and also in NAT mode. Regards.
    02-02-2021 01:48 PM
  2. smvim's Avatar
    At the end of the Android install, did you skip past the WiFi setup step? If no, try disabling WiFi in your Android install's Setup menu. Perhaps it's trying to connect over WiFi and ignoring the already present connectivity from the host OS.

    There's also the option to use pre-built VDIs instead of your own Android install:
    02-02-2021 07:11 PM

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