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    Android 10
    Umidigi A3X

    i've been wanting to block an app from using the mobile network. while i searched around the internet, i spotted something on


    that strongly suggested it was possible using a "Network Access" setting in the data usage area using android 10. the screen shot on the aforementioned page shows a list of apps with 2 check boxes beside each app - one for mobile data and the other for wi-fi. this looked like a perfect thing to try! however, i can not find that setting anywhere in my phone. i take it that some settings are hidden from the manufacturer for some reason?

    is there anyway to "re-implement" that setting screen? or download something that makes it work?
    02-26-2021 11:58 AM
  2. smvim's Avatar
    You might get a lot more out of that article you posted if you read through it completely. The author does make a notation early in the article:
    "NOTE: In the first section of this tutorial, we show you how to block internet access to an app in Android 10 using a Huawei P20 smartphone. On other devices, such as Nokia and Samsung smartphones, you can only restrict background data using the default options from Android. If your Android falls into the latter category, check the second section of this guide. In it, we’re showing you how to block apps on Android using a third-party app."
    The point being it's showing instructions for a Huawei phone, which may or may not apply to your Umidigi phone. A lot of manufacturers and carriers alter the Android install on their products with their own branded changes to the user interface and/or added utilities. Pixel phones run a clean, unaltered version of Android, most other phones are tweaked and modified.
    The article does later detail how to install and use a similar option, a firewall app like NetGuard. I use that myself and it's a good way to get more granular control over what apps can access online connectivity through WiFi or mobile data.
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    02-26-2021 12:39 PM
  3. isidore636's Avatar
    i see. so it's an huawei specific addon instead of an android 10 feature that vendors suppress. gotcha.
    02-27-2021 05:47 PM

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