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    Hi All,

    I currently use a Motorola G7 Optimo Maxx, but a recent Android software update has made it impossible for me to use 3rd party apps, such as Big Font and Text Resize, to adjust the phone's font beyond 1.3x. As of the update, root access is required to make the font any larger, an option that is impossible on my current phone.

    I am a low vision user who needs the font size to be at least 1.9x. I have used ADB to adjust the display size of the phone to a density of 470 DPI, but having one scale to measure the size of both icons and text is pretty awful. Most icons are already big by default, and tying their size to text size just makes the whole screen unpleasant and impractical to navigate.

    I am looking for a new Android phone with great accessibility options, or lacking that, a phone that is incredibly easy to root. My budget caps out at $500. The phone must be able to support Mint Mobile as a carrier as well.

    Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
    04-04-2021 01:20 AM
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    Looking over the list of compatible devices the Samsung S20 FE jumps out at me. Being a Samsung user I would imagine the two devices having similar capabilities. I would strongly suggest that you visit your local Best Buy or even Verizon store or someplace similar where you can get hands on with a device.

    On my S21 I can change the screen resolution which bumps things a little naturally but font is separate from overall magnification. All of which can be found under Display. I'll post screenshots from my device but remember the options on the FE will vary. Samsung also offers, and I imagine the Moto does also, Accessibility features that allow for magnification. On my S21 it tracks with your finger magnifying a portion of the screen then reduces when released. So I guess it's probably more helpful for reading than for finding app icons or even using the app.

    Here is a link to the list of devices that are compatible with Mint Mobile so if you stop in someplace you can maybe check out multiple devices maximizing your trip.

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    04-04-2021 04:01 AM
  3. VidJunky's Avatar
    Well after some playing around lowering the res did not bump the size like I thought it did. I'm limited on how many screenshots I can attach so I'll only attach the one showing size.

    One of the fonts is bold why I included it twice then my home screen at full magnification.
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    04-04-2021 04:12 AM
  4. VidJunky's Avatar
    I didn't have the font large when I did the home screen.
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    04-04-2021 04:14 AM
  5. Blue_Parallel's Avatar
    Unfortunately, the Moto Accessibility features are very wanting. There is no bold text option and the maximum font size is 1.3x. If I want the text to appear any larger, I need to increase the Display (zoom) which forces everything (bodies of text, icons, buttons etc...) all to be enlarged at once.

    I'm looking for the option to use 3rd party apps like Big Font and others to create the ideal display for my vision. The built in screen magnifier is pretty scum along with most generic accessibility features out there.

    In my experience, each new android update has tightened security repercussions for these apps, making it more and more difficult to get the display I need while forcing me into a bottleneck of bad accessibility features.

    It is my hope to find a phone that is relatively easy to root, just in case an upcoming Android update removes more customization options. I've gone through a few phones where this has been an issue. I purchase a phone, accessibility features exist for a while, and then they are removed thanks to a security update.

    I agree that I will need to go to a store and test drive some phones for myself; just looking for some input from the community.

    Please remember in your replies that the ONLY reason the font is this big on my screen is because I customized the screen display to 470dpi and that this is not, by any means, a permanent fix.

    I need a new Android phone as a low-vising user.-screenshot_20210404-063308.jpgI need a new Android phone as a low-vising user.-screenshot_20210404-063654.jpgI need a new Android phone as a low-vising user.-screenshot_20210404-065720.jpgI need a new Android phone as a low-vising user.-screenshot_20210404-065739.jpg
    04-04-2021 07:01 AM
  6. Kizzy Catwoman's Avatar
    My mum has to have the font giant size and she is using Samsung Note 8 and Note 9. Is would recommend a Samsung A phone. You can get an A52 for around $500 I think and it has large screen and large font sizes in display settings. It also comes with 4 years security updates. Worth a look if you can get to see one in store.
    04-04-2021 08:51 AM

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