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    My google activity history first showed my phone model as the only device lately it's been showing model number in my search history and just plain model. I've been reporting I think my account is hacked but nothing gets done
    06-17-2021 01:19 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    Sorry but I got confused after about the third model. At least for me it would be helpful if you explained with examples what you mean and told us what device you have.

    The way I'm reading your post it sounds like it one times says, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or maybe S21 Ultra, then the next time it says SM-G998U1. Both are the same device and I've seen my own device history show the same device as two different entries after an update or factory reset. To me the thing to be concerned about would be if some other strange model appeared or some location that didn't coincide with any of my actual locations. Although on that note I often get some place in Texas as a location and I believe that is due to my ISP.

    Perhaps more pressing is why do you believe your account has been hacked?

    Are you able to and have you created a new password, I'm assuming you just mean your Gmail account, and/or turned on 2-Step verification? When you do this you should also force a log-out of all active sessions. Changing your password and turning on 2-Step verification are the best ways to secure your account. You can make log-in simple on your main device but any log-in attempts from computers or other devices will require a code, call, text or email to a device you know you control. Authenticator is a good app for this once you've set it up.

    Is the reason you're checking your activity because of this believed hack? Be aware that Google activity is, confusing at best. Often items will appear in this list that don't make sense and some that can seem deceptive. Google activity may not be the best way to monitor your account.

    Provide a bit more info and let us know what you find. To reply to this thread and receive notifications when others reply please create an account. This link will help you do that... https://forums.androidcentral.com/as...-new-post.html
    06-17-2021 01:47 AM

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