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    I have a samsung phone and it's running android 11. The samsung keyboard app never stops running. I check it's battery usage and if I have turned off my phone in multiple days it will show an app runtime of 70+ hours. In developer settings under running services it shows samsung keyboard 1 process and 1 service, the service being HoneyBoardService as input method and shows 20:02:29. Should it always being running even when the phone is not in use?
    06-22-2021 11:46 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! It's normal in Android for apps to remain in RAM, even if they're not being actively used in the foreground. This isn't Windows -- Android is designed to keep apps open in RAM so that they can be switched to quickly and smoothly. When an app is in the background, it's typically paused/cached, and not actively using battery (unless it's actually running a service like playing music in the background).

    The keyboard app may show that it's been running, but the battery use should be minimal. If it shows that the keyboard app (or any other app) has been using an inordinate amount of battery, then it's typically due to a glitch. Force stopping the app can often clear that up.

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    06-22-2021 11:55 AM

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