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    I have a Moto G7 Optimo Maxx (Tracfone).
    I have installed a Samsung EVO 256GB SD card.
    I have all of my music files as .flac format on this card (besides having them on my Windows 10 box)
    I am using PowerAmp 3.x (latest purchased version).

    A couple of months ago I decided to switch from .ogg to .flac on the phone. I had always stored my music as .flac on the PC, but used .ogg on the phone to save space.

    I had a 128GB SD card (also Samsung EVO) in the phone prior to upgrading to the 256GB card when I changed to .flac format.

    It seems that since installing the 256GB SD card and switching to .flac files, I have been experiencing some strange behavior when playing these files with PowerAmp.

    In one case, the song was playing fine, but at 1:16 into the track, another song played for about 1 second, then back to the original song without so much as a pop or click. It was as though I had been recording the track through an analog mixer, and accidentally switched the source for a second. But nothing like this happened.

    When I listened to the same track on my PC, it was fine.
    But when I copied the track back from the phone to a temporary folder on the PC and played it (in Foobar2000) there was the 1 second dub.

    I had also noticed that another track playing on the phone has a slight glitch or skip, which could also be repeated on the phone but did not show up on the PC's copy.

    Just this morning I was listening to a track on the phone and heard a skip. I replayed to make sure it was repeatable. It is.
    Next, I loaded the track from the phone into Foobar2000. It skipped.
    Then I loaded the original .flac file from the PC into Foobar. It DID NOT skip.

    My suspicion is that somehow, files on the phone are becoming corrupted.
    How on Earth that over-dub could have occurred is a true mystery to me, but a simple skip could easily have been caused by a missing or altered byte or two in the .flac file.
    I understand that .flac files use a checksum to verify integrity, but I don't know whether that integrity is checked by every audio player every time a track is loaded, or only when a track is created or verified manaully (using a command or an app?).

    I did check the SD card.
    I removed it from the phone and plugged it into a USB to SD stick then ran Windows 10 Disk Check on it.
    No errors were reported.

    I thought maybe I should check the SD card on the Android phone, but it is not rooted, so I don't think I have command line access to check a disk.
    I could have run H2testw on the SD card while it was plugged into the Windows PC USB port, but I didn't want to allow writes onto the disk, as I would need to fully back up first.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions on troubleshooting this strange issue?

    07-23-2021 01:32 PM

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