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    Its a asus zenfone max m1 pro(android 9), i plugged it in last night and switched it off and woke up today and its gone down in charge to 10% and extremely hot and its turned on by itself.
    When i tried to use it, it lagged and now is stuck in a loop of calling the emergency number and cutting the call off. While showing the message 'phone app isnt working' its totally unusable and restarting by holding the power button the loop starts again, i turned safe mode on but it did nothing
    Its out of charge now, but when i plug it in the notification led turns on and off so i dont think its gonna charge and it switches on by itself and the loop starts again!
    The phone has been switching on by itself like once every two weeks before this incident in the middle of night
    My guess is that the battery is dead and the phones freaking out cause its at a low state of charge
    09-09-2021 11:46 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I agree that the battery sounds like it's failing. Since the phone gets really hot while you're charging, there might be increased risk of fire or explosion, so I would stop trying to charge it. Instead, bring it to a repair shop to replace the battery (or get a new phone).

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    09-10-2021 12:57 AM
  3. VidJunky's Avatar
    I would have to agree that continuing to try and charge the device with your current charging set-up is risky to say the least.

    While the repeated heat you mention is very bad for the battery, have you tried another or a new cable? I tracked down some images of this device and it appears to use the Micro USB connection. These cables are subject to damage even by the most cautious of users. It is almost always the cord plug that goes bad and if this applies to you it is possible that you've noticed that lifting the phone by the cord can cause it charge. Sometimes looping the cord to run under the phone while it is connected is helpful or some combination of methods get the phone to charge better/more reliably than just plugging it in and laying it down. If you've noticed any of these things discontinue use of that cable and try/buy another. This won't save your battery however. Once it has been damaged the only cure is replacement and replacement of the battery will be far cheaper than replacing the phone. And obviously if you decide to replace the battery remember to replace the cord as well.
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    09-10-2021 03:19 AM

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