1. ddiehl's Avatar
    While driving, I'm trying to use voice commands to play playlists that I created in YT Music. I have it set to only stream music via WiFi, so I'm not using mobile data to play music when driving. When I hit the mic icon and ask it to play a particular playlist I created it says it needs a data connection even though all content has been downloaded to the device. They all play fine when I manually select them. Even when I have data switched on, it plays some other random playlist. How do I use voice commands to play MY playlists?

    Just to add I DO NOT have an Android Auto compatible headunit, I'm just playing music via bluetooth.

    10-23-2021 02:47 PM
  2. Kizzy Catwoman's Avatar
    It needs data to process your voice request. This is how the app works and how assistant works.
    10-23-2021 06:52 PM

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