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    (sorry for my bad english)

    still do not exist any method to root Nokia 5.3(TA-1234) ?

    or at least can i back to android 10 version ?

    Since android 11 update my phone become useless...

    Examples: When someone calling me sometimes my phone doesn't have any vibration or sound.

    light(on power button) most of times flashing without any reason ( i hope it really flashing without any reason and doesn't really exist any necessary notifications that i don't receiving xD )

    Black horizontal lines on display, sometimes appear sometimes not. i do not know reason ( i'm not using any third party 'booster' or similar trash apps)


    P.s. please do not lose your time to suggest me Factory reset or same steps, cuz i tried every 'default' solution. im sure problems coming from nokia phone, not from android system.

    this is why i mention root
    11-14-2021 10:31 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    I'm not going to suggest factory reset, but I will suggest that you take your phone to a repair shop. The problems you describe sound like they are due to defective or damaged hardware, rather than anything software related. Rooting isn't going to fix issues with the speakers or vibration motor, nor will it do anything to fix a damaged display. The issues you describe sound like damage from dropping the device. Please join as a member and provide more details, but I don't think anything software related will solve the problem. https://forums.androidcentral.com/sh...=1#post3754645
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    11-14-2021 10:39 PM
  3. eXc37's Avatar
    thank you for so fast answer, my performance issues seems solved after disabled/uninstalled every google services..

    but now i have different questions about android if someone have time for this :d

    1) greyed out google search bar on display..

    i understand, its their system. and if they not let us to remove search bar its fair.
    but then why google let us disable relevant app which can cause greyed out search bar ? i did not see logic there and its so strange from this giant & great company, this is not -Rep for them ?

    2) same for google play services -
    after disabled, every time google receiving me irritating fake/lie & spam notifications (also i know most of them can be disabled but not all ) about 'app (doesn't matter which one app) wont work unless i will not re-enable play services'
    as i say its their system and their rules so why they lying ? instead of this, they can just say that we are unable to disable play services cuz "phone become unstable" or this actions would be against their privacy policy or something like this and thats all :/

    its funny fact that i can't disable radio( and its ok) while i can disable google play services and then can not use my phone cuz of too much spam notifications, now my phone have good performance but as i found my problem is only android and not my nokia phone...

    they 'playing' democracy company or why happen this stupid actions i really don't understand :/
    11-15-2021 05:08 AM
  4. eXc37's Avatar
    P.s. example is here in screenshots, first image shows how google lies me. second image shows that after some tap around google spam, and then i can keep playing my game without any issue including save game
    ( cuz except google play games, i have lot of choice to sign in my games to save my progress without google play services 'help') so why they not respect me / why they lie me ?
    Attached Thumbnails nokia 5.3 root-screenshot_20211115-140058.png   nokia 5.3 root-screenshot_20211115-154218.png  
    11-15-2021 05:47 AM

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