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    I recently downloaded a video file from a website onto my Galaxy S5. Since the title of the file was too long, I retitled it before downloading. However, I accidentally added a period or dot to the beginning of the tile (I titled it ".360.mp4"). The issue is that because my phone apparently doesn't recognize a download that has a title that starts with a period, it doesn't show up in my download folder, and I can't seem to find it anywhere on my phone. I know it downloaded because it shows up in my download history, and I can even click on the entry there to play the video on my media player, but I can't find it to move to an SD card. At this point I'd just like to delete it altogether so it doesn't clutter up my phone, but I can't even find it to do that. Does anyone know how to locate something like this?
    11-15-2021 10:12 AM
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    Try typing it the way you changed it in My files app or different File manager app like total commander.

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    11-15-2021 11:13 AM
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    I believe that character at the beginning of a file name denotes to the OS to hide the file or folder. If you have a files app that can show hidden files/folders you should be able to locate it.
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    11-15-2021 01:46 PM
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    Just to elaborate on what hallux posted, you need to use a file manager app to find and then rename that file. The issue being, once you mistakenly renamed that file with just a period beginning it's name, that changed the file's status from visible to invisible. That's an established standard behavior with any operating system (Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.)
    Also, you will most likely need to go into the Settings menu of whatever file manager app you use to intentionally enable a 'hidden file/folders' option as most come by default with that setting disabled -- there will be countless numbers of hidden files/folders in your phone's integral directory tree with the intention purposely 'hiding' some files and folders from user interaction. Or in other words, don't just start randomly deleting or renaming other hidden files or folders you see as they're often necessary for an app or service to function. Focus on just that specific video file, and if you do feel compelled to just start deleting other 'hidden' files be very judicious and selective.
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    11-15-2021 02:58 PM

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