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    Okay I had three videos recorded by the app background video recorder. One on November 10th of this year and 2 on November 17th or 18th of this year. I didn't ever really review them until I try to earlier today and when I went to view them they had no thumbnail and they showed a length of time that they were recording for like 30 minutes for one and like 5 minutes for the other and but the file size is zero on all three of them. Is it possible that my a app tried to record the video that long but then failed to record them or were they deleted by some hacker intruder? The reason why I think it could be a hacker is because I was recording a person doing some suspicious crap and they were on their computer at the time and they left all the sudden and then when I went to watch the videos they were all gone everything from the past that I recorded even though it was only 3 videos are unable to play. Is it possible for someone well trained to delete those videos and make it to where they still appear as if they're there but then unable to play or did my app just fail to record or save for those three videos for some reason it doesn't make any sense to me but I was recording that person on two of those videos doing something on his computer but I can't tell what it was so I was taking a video of it to go back and review it later when I went back to review they're all gone. What can I do to restore those videos If it all the other thing is that they're not showing up in any of my backup cloud either
    11-19-2021 05:00 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Hacking is extremely unlikely. Where were these videos saved -- Internal Storage or an SD card? What's the name of the recorder app?

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    11-19-2021 10:29 AM

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