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    I got a random sms message from not another phone number but an email address, it contained something along the lines of, "winner [company name here] (some link that looked like an http link ending in a .php)" I accidentally clicked on the message opening it up without clicking any of the links contained in the message but immediately saw "converting to multimedia message" and tapped out of the message before anything else happened or would happen. After that nothing else happened, but it seemed odd so I put my phone on airplane mode and turned off my data and did a scan using malwarebytes and everything looked ok, then backed up photos, ect. I read up on mms vulnerabilities but I really just kept getting mixed answers so I'm still unsure. Should I be worried? Im thinking of factory resetting just incase.
    11-28-2021 08:09 AM
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    If you didn't download anything you should be fine.

    I'll leave a Link to register so you can communicate here, As a guest account you can only post questions but can't reply
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    11-28-2021 09:33 AM
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    There has only been one case I've heard of where malware could infect via a text message, but I doubt that's your case. That was a rather heinous vulnerability that was quickly patched. Unless you are running a very old version of Android, I wouldn't be that concerned. Besides, it sounds like harmless spam anyway.
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    11-28-2021 02:51 PM

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