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    I check apps in settings and there are only 30ish at most.

    I seem to remeber the previous system update only optimized 200 apps.

    How would I go about uninstalling 200+ apps that are not seen on device system software?
    12-08-2021 10:52 PM
  2. Kizzy Catwoman's Avatar
    All the extra apps are system apps installed by Samsung in its OneUI skin.
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    12-08-2021 11:12 PM
  3. mustang7757's Avatar
    I'll leave a Link to register so you can communicate here as a guest account you can only post questions but can't reply

    12-08-2021 11:18 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Pixel phones, which have the least amount of bloat, still come with over 200 apps, most of them being system apps. Remember that many of these apps might just be a few MB or even a few KB in size. Samsung, with all of its additional layers of apps and services, typically has over 400 apps out of the box.
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    12-13-2021 02:59 AM

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