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Jan 28 2022 | 9:30 pm EST hallux

Not all versions of Android support that capability, neither do all devices. On top of that, doing this won't get you the space you think it will as the entire app doesn't get moved to the SD card. Also, any apps moved to the SD card will load and perform slower as SD cards are slower than internal storage.

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Jan 29 2022 | 7:11 am EST Mooncatt

A couple more reasons not to do this.

Using an SD card for apps can corrupt the card, causing permanent data loss.

Supersonic isn't a name brand usually associated with SD cards. Those no-name brands like that have a high risk of being counterfeit, especially if the price seems really low for their advertised storage. For example, it could be a 1 GB card that they spoofed the reported storage size to make the phone think it's something like a 256 GB card and advertised as such. When the card prematurely fills up, you'll risk corruption and data loss.

Stick with name brand cards purchased from trusted sources, and only use them to store stand alone files. SD cards are consisted a "write few, read many" storage medium. The excessive re-writing apps can perform is what wears them out quickly, but they are great for storing photos, music, documents, etc.

Jan 29 2022 | 10:30 pm EST B. Diddy

Supersonic isn't a name brand usually associated with SD cards.
The Supersonic SC2110 is actually a budget tablet: But your point is well taken. More could be said about the generally poor quality and reliability of these off-brand devices as well!