1. Android Central Question's Avatar
    Well last week my phone did a software update and now tonight it is wanting to do another one
    01-28-2022 09:43 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central. Which phone, which country and which carrier? Are you on any beta programme? Please register as a member so you will be able to answer our questions and provide more details. https://forums.androidcentral.com/sh...=1#post3754645
    mustang7757 likes this.
    01-28-2022 10:46 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Could it be that one of these is the Google Play system update (which is separate from security patch)?
    01-28-2022 11:16 PM
  4. mustang7757's Avatar
    If you were on say Andriod 11 u might of gotten a December security patch then the device could of been able to update to Andriod 12 January security shortly after .

    You would need to tell us more
    01-28-2022 11:16 PM

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