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    Looking for some help figuring out how to keep using mobile data when my S21 ultra is connected to WiFi without internet.

    The situation is my BMW 330i has an SSID that allows for certain apps on my phone to work on the cars screen.

    Problem is this SSID doesn't have internet, so when my phone connects to it, phone becomes useless despite still having Verizon 4G or 5G.

    Have already gone to "intelligent wifi" and turned on "switch to mobile data" which did nothing.

    Also tried turning on developer options and enabling "mobile data always active".

    In both cases the phone is not actually switching to using mobile data when on the cars WiFi.

    Any ideas on what else could be tried? Thanks in advance.

    Phone - S21 Ultra on Verizon
    Software - Android 12, One UI 4.0
    02-23-2022 10:45 AM
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    02-23-2022 11:05 AM
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    Create a hotspot with your car and device unless your car has WiFi built in ?

    Example in my car:
    I turn on hotspot on my phone not go into your car radio system and switch hotspot and WiFi on then go to your phone WiFi menu look for car radio name and connect then once driving it will switch to your phone 4g data if your carrier allows hotspot
    02-23-2022 11:50 AM

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