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    Hi, I've been wanting a new accurate weather wallpaper but none I've installed seem that accurate. I really like Forest Live wallpaper but it just just seem to be all that accurate. Quite a few ask for API's to get better weather, but I've no idea what they are or where I'd get them from.

    Any help appreciated. Cheers.
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    05-16-2022 02:49 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I wish I had suggestions for you, especially since I too would LOVE that kind of live wallpaper!

    Please consider making an account with us here at Android Central, so you can respond to this thread and better navigate the forums. Making an account is easy -- here is the link to get you started!

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    05-16-2022 06:28 AM
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    Done ✅ thank you
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    05-16-2022 10:22 AM
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    This is just what I prefer but after years of using different weather widgets and services, I finally just gave up on all of them. I didn't really encounter an accuracy problem myself so I can't suggest anything of substance for your problem. The different weather services just worked as far as displaying current weather stats.
    What irritated me was having to find a new alternative each time the one I was using changed or its developer stopped supporting it. That and I'm just not a fan of a lot of some widgets as they tax the battery so heavily. Constantly updating online data and cutesy animations use a lot of power.
    So now I just use a web browser to check a weather site only when I need to. Created a link and saved it to my Home screen that opens up the weather.gov web site to my zip code, and whenever I need to check the weather situation before going out I can just tap on that bookmark link. Of course if you like all the eye candy that a weather widget provides on a continuous basis, this isn't a viable option.
    Given that a typical weather widget needs a constant online connection to update itself (WiFi or mobile data), and Location enabled to be able to provide local weather stats, when you refer to your widgets not being 'accurate' are both of those requirements enabled on your phone at all times?
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    05-16-2022 05:10 PM
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    Thanks for your thoughts on this, appreciate it. From the ones I liked best, I can't say it really had any adverse affect on battery life, not that I noticed anyway.

    As for the query regarding internet, yes it is always on and connected.
    05-18-2022 01:16 PM

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