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    During idle my phone suddenly got very hot, even more than regular gaming. It has happened twice, but this time I have the chance to check the app usage.

    It turned out Bixby Voice got ahold of the phone radio and WIFI for over 2 hours, with the process called dexopt.

    The phone lost 35% of battery in about 30 minutes or so. The first time it happened, I restarted the phone several times but it would just resume the mysterious activity. Eventually, I turned off the phone for an hour and it's gone. This time I did the same thing, turned off the phone at 65% battery power and recharge it back. After power up, the drain was no more.

    The question: what is dexopt and what was it doing?

    Bixby Voice prolonged CPU usage in idle-screenshot_20220524-145556_gsam-battery-monitor.jpg
    05-24-2022 05:46 AM
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    .dex means dalvik-executable but that’s as far as my knowledge goes.
    Assuming that your Bixby settings are appropriately set, the only thing I can suggest is a cache clear for Bixby Voice, and perhaps the other Bixby system apps.
    If no go, try Safe Mode.
    If still no go, let us know.
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    05-24-2022 08:18 AM
  3. hstpctech's Avatar
    I will give it a try, although it could be complicated since it has only happened twice, and I couldn't imitate the problem since it always happen during idle. Bixby Settings, I just use the default since I rarely use it. I do prefer it over Google's, though.

    If it happens again, I will post it again, hopefully with more data.
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    05-26-2022 09:01 AM

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