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    I'm at a loss here and hope someone can help me. I've just upgraded from a UMX android to a Samsung galaxy s10. However, I'm having trouble connecting to the internet. When I connect to WiFi different networks come up. I can't connect to any of these networks because you have to have a password and when it says add your own network you have to have a password code and network name. I don't know anything about any of that. How do I get my own network. I don't understand because I didn't have to connect to any network with my first phone. It just connects to the internet via WiFi. But when I try to connect via WiFi with the Samsung, it says can't connect to the internet. So, my question is: do I have to create a network for my Samsung to receive the internet and if so, how do I create one?
    05-24-2022 06:38 AM
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    Do you not have cellular service on the phone? Can you look at your old phone to see which network it's connecting to? Once you've determined that, you then need to get the password from someone with the permission to give such information. You can't just connect to ANY locked network, that's why they're locked.

    How do you get your own network? Sign up for internet service, get the modem (and maybe the router) from the provider and use that network.

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    05-24-2022 07:12 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! There are two ways to connect to the internet on a phone. The first way is to connect to a wi-fi network -- do you have your own wi-fi network set up at home? If so, do you remember the name of the network and the password (if one was set up)? If you don't have your own network, then you'd have to find a public wi-fi network that doesn't require a password (like at your local library or coffeeshop).

    The second way is using mobile data, which is through the phone's cellular connection. This requires that the phone have a valid SIM card inserted, and a wireless plan that you or somebody else is paying for. It also requires the phone to support the wireless carrier's network (some phones that were intended for specific wireless carriers or for other countries may not be compatible with your specific carrier).
    05-24-2022 12:06 PM

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