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    Originally the ‘assistant’ on my google home gave only the reminders at the time that they were due.

    Now however, the ‘assistant’ offers ALL my reminders starting with the first three which invariably omits the one at the prescribed time and starts with the one following – i.e. at 8pm instead of the 8pm reminder the ‘assistant’ states the 9pm reminder.

    Not only is this very annoying but it defeats the object of a reminder.

    How do I make the ‘assistant’ give only the current time reminder(s)?
    06-09-2022 05:11 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    Maybe it's just me but I'm having a bit of trouble following you on this one. Perhaps a different or more detailed anecdote would make it clearer. Based on how I read your post it sounds like your clock is off. If you receive 9 o'clock reminders at 8 o'clock your device might think it is in a different time zone, not recognizing daylight savings time or is simply set to the wrong time somehow. If it was giving you 8:45 or 9:15 reminders at 8:00, I'm not sure what that would mean but it would be different than just being off by an hour.

    Is it always an hour off? 9pm reminders at 8pm, 12:25pm reminders at 11:25am?

    Do you live close to a time zone line? If there are tower issues in Indiana but Ohio towers are supplying your service or you're in that one little corner of Indi that doesn't recognize DST?

    You might check your time zone settings in Google and on your device.

    Speaking of devices, which device do you have?

    How long has this been happening? Did it just start, it started with this device, you finally got fed up with it after weeks or months?

    You also say it gives you "ALL" of your reminders, and go on to say, it starts with the first three, what do you mean? Do you mean that it reads all of the reminders like a laundry list? Time on the clock 7pm, Google Assistant; 6pm drop kids off at the pool, 6:30pm wash hands, 7:15pm head out the door, omitting your actual 7pm reminder to put clothes on before heading out the door?

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    06-09-2022 09:31 AM
  3. Calda-D3's Avatar
    Thanks for your response 'VidJunky'

    I live in Cambridge. England and the assistant will give me the correct time of day when I ask for it so the clock is set okay.
    As an example I currently have 12 reminders one of which is at 8:50am and another at 1pm daily. Originally the assistant at 8:50 would say "you have one reminder" and when I replied okay google what's the reminder the assistant would give me the correct 8:50am reminder.

    Now however, at 8:50 the assistant says 'you have 12 reminders here are the first 3' then sometimes the assistant starts with the correct 8:50 reminder but at other times will start with the 1pm reminder followed by 2 consecutive reminders, before asking "do you want to hear more?"

    It has also been the case that the assistant gives a Tuesday evening reminder on a Monday evening albeit at the correct time of day.

    Any ideas as to how I can get my Google Home Mini to revert back to stating only the relevant reminders at the relevant time of day?
    06-11-2022 10:17 AM
  4. VidJunky's Avatar
    With the new info I did a little digging. A lot seems to pop up with I search your issue but it is difficult for me to determine exactly which solution might benefit you.

    I found this one which mentions difficulties when using certain features. See if this fits... https://support.google.com/assistant...form%3DAndroid

    I found this one which caused me to question, how you are accessing reminders. It almost sounds like it is wording when requesting the reminder.
    Check your reminders
    From Google Assistant

    You can ask the Google Assistant to tell you about your reminders.

    For example, you can say:

    “Hey Google, what are my reminders?”
    “OK Google, open reminders.”


    No mater how I rephrase the query those two links show up at the top and most of the other results don't seem to match. I added Home Mini to the search and found this indexed video.
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    06-13-2022 07:03 AM
  5. Calda-D3's Avatar
    Hi VidJunky, thanks for your mail sorry for the delay in replying but have only yesterday returned home from a holiday. I will of course follow up your suggestions and get back ASAP.
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    06-19-2022 06:36 AM
  6. mustang7757's Avatar
    Hi VidJunky, thanks for your mail sorry for the delay in replying but have only yesterday returned home from a holiday. I will of course follow up your suggestions and get back ASAP.
    Welcome to AC!
    Hopefully Vidjunky suggestions help
    06-19-2022 05:19 PM
  7. Calda-D3's Avatar
    Regretfully the links supplied give help with using 'reminders' rather than a problem with the way that the assistance recovers them.

    I have no difficulty with creating or asking for a reminder only with the assistants response.

    If when the assistant says "you have twelve reminders" and instead of me saying "okay google what are my reminders" (when I am offered the first 3 of 12) I say "okay google what is my 9pm reminder" then the assistant will correctly state the 9pm reminder, although on some occasions I am told that I have no reminders set for the following day at 9pm.

    All I want is for the assistant to revert to saying: you have one (or more) reminder(s) at say 11am and after I reply with what is/are my reminders I am correctly given the correct reminder(s) for11 am of that day.

    I just cannot believe that I am the ONLY one to be experiencing this problem with the home mini.
    06-23-2022 07:28 AM

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