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    I found a admin app called mce, not active but there with find my devices. This is a brand new moto and I don't work. In the past I have been forced to learn about network settings and so much more than I ever thought I would have to, my dns and access point info kept getting changed. It's continued for over 3 years,changing forms but basically someone is trying to "control" me stop me from talking to anyone, it seems to be their main goal. I have no problems with anything involving my ss#, or a type of crime I could report, just a pain in my a__! I keep getting references pointing to a signal trap being involved somehow. There has been a booster for 3 major carriers approved for where I live, high radiation, and a type of bluetooth device that tries to jump in front of the bluetooth connection before my phone can pair. I can not stop the changes being made to my devices, until they eventually will not factory reset. This has gone from wifi settings to Gmail to family sharing all being changed with DEV and SJON used. Now I can't really even keep a number a full month due to my account info like user name and password with 2FA on and a vpn getting changed. In the last 3yrs I have had to just give up on so many accounts I can not even count. It has to be OTA I guard my phone with my life now and the last time it was changed to a custom OS in less than 24 hours. I was not even at my home. Is the mce how? I could really use any help would be amazing. It seems like it's someone I know, if it's the man I'm staying w/ (seems like it). I need to know so I can get the heck out of here. Thank you,
    08-06-2022 02:08 AM
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    08-06-2022 02:54 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Where did you get this phone from? "Brand new" from some random seller on eBay is never guaranteed to be brand new, so it's important to know where you got it.

    DNS and access point information would be more associated with your wi-fi network. Or are you talking about the Use Secure DNS option in Chrome?

    The chances of some mysterious agent of darkness trying to control you is very low. Remember that tech glitches are a fact of life. It's much more likely that some setting in your wi-fi network is wonky, or you have some glitchy hardware.

    If you're still convinced that this is all going on, then maybe it's time to revert to a flip phone.
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    08-07-2022 12:05 AM
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    Just to be safe I would go to your Google account settings and remove any apps that have access, then remove all devices, and change your password. Check recovery settings as well to make sure nothing weird is there. You can also do a security checkup in your Google account.

    Then I would do a factory reset on your phone.

    And then go to your router and hold the reset button on the back of it until it restarts.

    After doing all of these things you should be ok.

    I've done exactly what you have been doing thinking suspicious things were happening to me and my devices. And I've done a lot of digging and searching and research chasing possibilities because of it. But I eventually realized I was just wasting my time. Androids are more secure than you think.

    Plus think about it, the time and energy to do this to someone for 3 years without gaining anything of value doesn't make much sense.

    No offense, but from your post it seems like you don't fully understand the things you are talking about and how they work.
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    08-07-2022 12:02 PM

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