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My OnePlus got destroyed I'm trying to log into my Google account

Asked: Aug 18 2022 | 5:40 am EDT 154 Views 2 Answers

Hello so my OnePlus got destroyed and my Google account was attached to my phone number on that phone which I no longer have it's destroyed so I'm trying to login on a new device it wants to send the code to my old phone number and the phone is non-existent I've searched Google account recovery forums. I thought I'd try here next.
Also what I could do since the phone was with T-Mobile ask them for support about my number since the phone is gone and they might have an idea anyway thanks everybody

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Aug 18 2022 | 7:30 am EDT hallux

T-Mobile should be able to issue you a new SIM card to install in a new device to keep your number with the new device.

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Aug 18 2022 | 7:58 am EDT VidJunky

Ok so the phone, the physical device, was damaged or destroyed but that won't change your phone number when you replace it. Should we assume this part of a 2-step log-in verification where the phone is needed to verify the identity of account holder or are you saying that you only accessed your account through your device and without it you don't have the password or anything else needed to log-in? For the former, are you simply planning to not replace the device? Seems like an odd choice but given there are plenty of articles explaining how to access your account without the device tied to your 2-step access and/or how to access your account without the password I'm not sure what to say.

A simple Google search produced multiple articles but these are from Google...

How to gain access to your 2-step protected account without the device... https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185834?hl=en

How to recover you password if you've lost or forgotten it.... https://support.google.com/accounts/.../7682439?hl=en