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    I download images onto my Galaxy Tab S3 and when i go into gallery i can see them. I then move them onto my SD card and i no longer see them, also i will create a new folder and move images to it, but the folder is also not visible. When i hook my tablet to my computer and go into gallery i can see the images and the missing folders. (of note this has only recently begun happening i did not have this issue until a few months ago). Why is this happening and what can i do about it?
    10-14-2022 01:49 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    What gallery app are you using?

    Are you using My Files to move these photos and create folders or how are you doing this?

    Do you remember anything from around that time like getting any new apps, updates or any changes you can remember?

    Seeing as how this only started happening a few months ago it sounds like something has changed. I have two pieces of advice based on that, removing permissions and clearing the Partition Cache.

    To remove permissions for storage from all apps follow this path, Settings>Apps>3 dots upper right corner>Permission Manager>Storage>remove all apps from this permission. This will not change anything permanently, it is more like a reset. So any apps that have this permission taken away will simply ask for permission again when the app is used or this permission is needed by that app again. Then you can say yes or no however you handle that kind of thing. But if taking away this permission restores things to their previous state you will want to keep track of which apps ask for permission and when so that when/if you notice it happening again you can say, oh yeah I just gave permission to XYZ app, and just try removing the last one or two apps the permission was restored to.

    To clear the Partition Cache follow this link for directions... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=...rtq8aG8_fxZmM3 This should not cause you to loose anything, its just simple house cleaning.

    I would only do one or the other and then test to see if it worked before doing the other. That way you'll know what fixed it and if similar issues happen later you can do the one that worked. There is still a chance that it could be something else but let's start basic see what happens then you can report back on the success or failure and we can offer you other better advice because we'll have the answers to my questions in your reply.

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    10-14-2022 02:19 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! It's also important to know what directory on the SD card you moved the images to, and if there's a .nomedia file in that directory. If there is, then delete the .nomedia file, since that instructs the system to ignore that directory (and any of its subdirectories) when scanning for images to display in the gallery.
    10-14-2022 05:38 PM

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