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    I own a LG-K330 phone. I constantly have problems with the phone claiming that the storage space is running out. I have tried deleting many different things to try to fix this (including all but like 15 photos, all unnecessary apps, etc.) but nothing seems to work. I found that "Miscellaneous" appears to be taking up a large portion of the storage but I don't understand what many of the listed items I would be deleting are.
    Examples include:

    I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what theses things are and what I would actually be deleting.
    11-19-2022 09:45 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! "Miscellaneous" just means things that aren't classified in the other categories -- it doesn't mean they're extraneous and disposable. For example, "VVM" means Visual Voicemail. It is unlikely that anything there can be deleted without consequences. You're better off uninstalling any apps that are not absolutely necessary.

    The problem is that your phone is extremely underspec'd for modern usage. It only has 8 GB of storage (of which only 4 GB is available to the user) and 1.5 GB RAM. (And no, adding an SD card won't help you in this situation.) Modern apps get larger and larger as the years go by, since they become more complex and therefore require more space. Don't expect a phone with such weak specs as yours to be anything besides an extremely basic device, limited primarily to phone calls, text messages, and light web usage. It's time to upgrade to a more modern phone, preferably with at least 64 GB of internal storage (and 4 GB RAM).

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    11-20-2022 03:02 AM

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