1. Mike S13's Avatar
    I got a Note 5 that worked until it sat for months untouched. I tried charging it and saw an empty battery displayed on the screen in a loop, the phone never charged, it just kept looping.

    Next I pressed the power button hoping to power it up using the charger, but now it just boots to the Galaxy Note 5 logo then reboots repeatedly.

    Can a completely dead battery cause these symptoms? Are there recommended fixes?
    11-20-2022 12:40 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! The battery might have completely discharged, which is death for a lithium battery. Since it's so old, that might have made it that much more likely to happen.

    Leave it plugged into a wall outlet undisturbed for at least 6 hours. Then press and hold Power for about 30 seconds, and see if it boots up correctly. If it doesn't, then you'd probably have to get the battery replaced (although I wouldn't bother with such an obsolete phone).

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    11-20-2022 02:50 AM
  3. Mike S13's Avatar
    B. Diddy,
    Thanks for your reply, If I leave it in it constantly bootloops and doesn't charge.
    I ordered a battery and will install it and see if that helps.
    11-21-2022 09:34 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I made you the owner of the original guest post to make it easier to find.

    Keep us updated!
    11-21-2022 11:21 PM

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