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    My glass was the only thing cracked so I took my phone to the mall to have the glass changed. They did not warn me that I could have issues with the phone after. Had I known I would have lived with a cracked phone because the phone was working perfectly fine, I just couldn't use the screen facing camera.

    Sometimes when I type a letter the phone will type it 5 times when I only pressed it once. Other times when I press something it is like it can't sense me pushing it at all. Sometimes when I am scrolling the phone will click on a link instead of scroll. I am to the point where I pretty much can't use the phone at all because of it.

    I went back to the mall and the guy tried to tell me that happens and only 20% of the time does changing the glass work. I feel like he was taking advantage and just trying to get rid of me. I called Samsung so I can at least be educated about what I am talking about when I go back and speak to the owner. Samsung said that they do not sell glass that can be used as a replacement to anyone so therefore they used either plastic or glass that could not be completely compatible and can cause touch screen issues. Now that I had someone else do it Samsung will not touch my phone.

    I want to make sure I am completely educated when I go back to speak to the owner. Please give me some input and ways to defend myself and get them to fix it. I know I am going to have a fight on my hands but I am still paying this phone off, I refuse to let the answer I was given stop me here and just use an old phone until I can buy another. I feel like they should be held liable to some extent given I was never told of the chance it wouldn't work. Also, when I picked up the phone the guy told me there was a little scratch on the bottom of my lcd screen. Issue I have with that is that the crack wasn't anywhere near that spot which tells me if there is a scratch, they did it.

    Thank you,
    06-13-2014 02:00 PM
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    Yes what Samsung told you is true. Once its repaired by a 3rd party store that isn't an authorized repair shop by the carrier or OEM (Samsung) you have voided your warranty. Sounds like they only replaced the glass display and not the digitizer under neath which registers all the input (touches). Usual rule of thumb from due to the complexity of the repair is you replace the glass you replace the digitizer under neath to eliminate the possibility of problems.

    Sorry to hear the store wasn't up front with you about this. If anything the end the store would of made more money on the repair by having you replace both.
    06-13-2014 04:18 PM
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    Hey! I'm very sorry you have encountered a repair tech that would leave you hanging like that. It sounds like he is doing a half asked job. After removing your glass instead of using the proper optical glue oca or loca he just put tape around the edges. Other symptoms of this quality job might be dust under the glass or a display that is now hard to see in the sun.

    To fix this issue I can suggest a few things to buy and you could attempt it yourself, or I can see if I know someone in your area that can help. [self promotion removed by Moderator]
    08-26-2014 04:22 AM

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