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    I just got this phone yesterday.

    When making a call, the KEYPAD screen will not persist. The screen goes black immediately after pressing the last keypad number. Then, some amount of tapping is required to get the KEYPAD back.

    This is a huge problem when the call is taken by an automated answer which keeps promopting me to punch this number for English that number for spanish and so on. Every time I look, the screen is black. By the time I get the KEYPAD back, I have accidently punched the wrong number.

    The only screen adjustment I see is for "sleep" but the loweest is 15 seconds. This screen is going black in like 1 second.

    How to make the KEYPAD persist during a call?
    06-13-2014 07:25 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It sounds like the proximity sensor is activating when it shouldn't. The sensor is located near the earpiece, and detects if it is near anything (e.g., your ear) during a call, so that it can turn off the screen and avoid any accidental button presses by your ear. When you pull the phone away from your ear, the screen should come on again, unless something is blocking the sensor. Do you have a screen protector or a case that might be blocking that area?
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    06-13-2014 07:28 PM
  3. MrRedwoodGuy's Avatar
    I don't have a screen protector. Maybe it is where I am holding the phone then. I tried a call using the speakerphone function and just holding the phone in front of me. Well, once the call engages, the number pad is gone. I have to press the KEYPAD button (lower left) every time I need to press a key. Once pressed, the screen reverts again, so that this becomes a giant nuisance of fumble farting around trying to keep a keypad screen while the other end is demanding all sorts of keyed information, like prescription numbers and so on. I can see that this is the usual case of the device trying to be so many different things that it can't do any single thing well. Not too happy with this. I downloaded the manual. It was 322 pages and not a word about this keypad thing.

    Thanks for the help. I think I am just too old for these things.
    06-14-2014 09:23 AM

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