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    I have recently began to experience problems with my Galaxy S3. I had my phone on the charger and while I was using it to play a single game (with no background programs running) it was discharging and lost 3% within 5 minutes. To continue, I then decided to leave it alone and turned off all applications running and set it down. When I picked it up 30 minutes later it had charged only 5%. Thus I left it there to continue charging after I powered it down so that I would have no applications running in the background for sure. When I picked it up and turned it on 3 hours later it had charged from 33% to only 65%. I then checked my battery monitor, which automatically shuts off applications I am not using that run in the background and sets my brightness to 50% and screen timeout to 5 seconds as I have it set, and within 10 minutes I was down from 66% to 50% which is absurd being as I was only playing the game for roughly half the time before checking my background applications and turning my phone back to standby. I am unsure of what is going on with my phone but it has also been getting extremely hot to the point I almost burned my hand when I touched it to turn off an alarm a few mornings ago. Also I have no idea if this has any play into this, but a day ago my phone was on standby and when I went to pick it up, It was turned completely off and I know it had not died as it had 90% battery when I set it down and left it there for 20 minutes at best, I removed the battery and put it back in. When it turned on it entered into safe-mode. I brought it out of safe mode afterwards but later the next day (this was around when a majority of this all began) when I went to turn it to standby, the screen began to freak out and had waves of colors going across the screen reminiscent of when you put your finger on a monitor and move it across and the colors create a sort of rainbow effect as the screen in that area freaks out. I would really appreciate any help given!
    06-15-2014 07:42 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The first thing that comes to mind is a failing battery. Have you tried a replacement?

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    06-15-2014 08:19 PM

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