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    Hello everyone. Well here's my situation. I have a rooted Tmobile G2 that's running Jellybean 4.2 stock rom. I downloaded this apk yesterday-Xdabbeb's Camera/Video v3.1.0. It said I had to back up my phone before it could install so I tapped the back up button that was on the apps splash screen and then reboot. The phone now boots up past the LG logo and stops there. The screen is on, just blank and the front LED just fades in and out. I tried a hard reset and can't get past that. It just boots back to the same spot. Can't cache or partition wipe. I've tried multiple programs on my comp to access the phone in DL or the blank screen mode and it doesn't see it. I tried running my rooting program and it says it's not rooted anymore and can't root it. I love my new $600 paper weight but, I liked it more as a functioning phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
    06-18-2014 06:50 AM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    Oh not good.

    I think when I saw it giving the option to " Backup " the phone I would of taken caution. I would only perform this task myself (manually) via my custom recovery or other means. Something tells me this didn't look good from the start and obviously caused a world of trouble.

    Best thing I can recommend is locating the instructions and techniques for restoring the phone to stock and see if that is doable and work from there.

    Good luck and feel free to let us know if it worked out.
    06-26-2014 10:25 AM

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